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The Most Luxurious Faux Fur Coats, Vests & Accessories

Perfect for cold winter weather, ski towns, outdoor events, camping, nights out on the town, holiday parties, New Year's Eve, festivals and more. We make the sexiest, softest, warmest, and most cozy coats on the planet!

Proudly made in the USA, we use the most luxurious faux furs and lined with our super soft minky cuddle fabric we guarantee that our products will keep you warm and happy.

Our products are thoughtfully designed with 5 pockets and our signature backpack straps making them fully functional for all your festival needs.


Luxury Faux Furs

We use the most luxurious & softest faux furs world wide. 100% Vegan.


A luxury faux fur coat is the best type of faux fur coat. Made of high quality faux fur, luxury faux fur coats feel soft and luxurious and they're warm and durable just like real fur.

A luxury faux fur coat looks and feels like real fur. A luxury faux fur coat has impeccable construction, stitching, high quality buttons or zippers, and design details like pockets.

The most luxurious faux fur coats are made using luxury synthetic fibers that feel and look like chinchilla fur. Luxury faux fur feels so soft that it's hard to tell the fur is fake.

Faux chinchilla fur is without a doubt the warmest faux fur available in the market. This faux fur really does mimic all the qualities of real fur in terms of texture, warmth, and durablity.

See our Tissavel Faux Chinchilla Collection

A high quality luxury faux chinchilla fur coat is the softest type of faux fur coat you can buy. See our Faux Fur Chinchilla Collection.

Faux fur coats range in price from as little as $17 on Amazon to as much as $1,200 or more. Luxury faux fur coats are not cheap because they are made of the finest materials and they're very well sewn. Quality luxury faux fur coats feel much nicer and will out last cheap, mass produced faux fur coats made of low cost materials.

There are a few factors to consider when looking at the price of a faux fur coat. The more money you spend the better quality coat you will get and the longer the faux fur will last and look like new. Luxury faux fur coats made in the USA will have a more expensive price as compared to coats made in China, but they'll also be made with much better materials, look better and last longer.

Real fur was traditionally warmer than faux fur, but technological advancements have allowed modern luxury faux fur to look, feel, and perform just as well as real fur. High quality faux fur coats are extremely warm, just like real fur. Furrocious Faux Fur Chinchilla coats can even withstand temperatures below 0 degrees.

Absolutely! There are different thicknesses of faux furs. The thicker the fur the warmer it wil be. Chinchilla Fur is the warmest faux fur available because it is the densest faux fur with the finest fibers. A faux fur coat's lining type and quality also helps determine how warm the coat will be.

The short answer is yes, you can wear any fur coat in rain, but you should avoid getting it soaked. If your faux fur coat gets wet you can blow it dry with NO heat or let it dry naturally in a well ventilated area then fluff it with a brush.

Yes, you can, but faux fur material isn't designed to be worn in wet conditions. If it gets wet from snow simply hang it to dry in a well ventilated area and fluff with a brush when its dry.

You can hand-wash or machine-wash a faux fur coat with gentle detergent or hair shampoo/conditioner, but dry cleaning will give you the best results.

Yes, you can machine wash a faux fur jacket, but use cold water only and a gentle detergent. Use a high-efficiency washer on the gentle cycle for the best results. Too much agitation is harmful to faux fur.

You can refresh four fur by fluffing it with a a soft-bristled brush.

You can put a faux fur coat in the dryer if you use air dry. NO HEAT. For ideal results, it's best to air dry wet faux fur in a well ventilated room.

To deodorize a faux fur coat, sprinkle plenty of baking soda on it, gently rub it in and then leave it overnight. The next morning, dust off the powder vigorously to remove the residue and the odours will have gone. If the odour persists, repeat the process.

Faux fur is made of synthetic fibers, usually a blend of acrylic and polyester fibers.

Yes! Faux fur is 100% ethical to wear and harms no animals. Animal free fashion is the best option in today's society where many designers promote faux fur as the best cruelty free alternative to real fur.

No. Faux Fur is made of synthetic acrylic and polyester fibers, making it 100% animal free and 100% vegan. Advanced technology makes this animal-friendly fabric warm, durable, and versatile.

Yes, faux fur coats are vegan and cruelty free.

Faux Fur is not toxic to anyone wearing it.

Yes. Luxury faux fur coats have been a favorite among fashion girls/instagrammers for decades. Not only are faux fur coats warm, but they are also super stylish, ranging in a vast variety of styles and colors to go with any outfit.

#1 The most important thing to look for in a faux fur coat is a realistic appearance and feel of the faux fur. The best faux fur coats feel just as soft as real animal fur. In fact, a high-quality luxury faux fur coat can easily be mistaken for the real thing. #2 Look at the quality of sewing, as well as design details such as closures and pockets.

Absolutely nothing! A luxury faux fur coat is the best choice for a warm and cozy fur coat that harms no animals. Faux fur coats are both ethical and fashionable, making them a better choice than a real fur coat.

By the 1950s, synthetic fur garments had become popular and affordable. Newspapers were writing articles on major chemical companies trying to outdo each other in the quest to create the most realistic fake fur. In the 1960s, young women were ready to shed the traditions (and the mink coats) of their mothers and buy faux fur coats instead. The 1970's brought on the anti-fur movement and the growing need for new fur coat styles at affordable prices, making faux fur a better option than real fur.

Advanced fabric technology has taken the quality of faux fur to the next level, making it hard to tell if the fur is real or fake. Modern high-tech, synthetic fabrics closely match animal-derived materials in “warmth, comfort, and style making faux fur feel like the real thing. To tell if a coat uses real or faux fur: 1. Always check the lable to confim what the coat is made of. 2. Look at the price; real fur coats cost significantly more than faux fur. 3. Check the backing of the fur by seperating the furs to see what they are connected to: look for leather to indicate real fur or stretch weave/fabric backing for faux fur. 4. The burn test is a foolproof way to test the fur, but be careful not to damage the coat. Put a flame to a stray hair, if it singes and smells like burnt hair then it's real, and if it melts it's fake.