Men's Short Cozy Coat

Men's Short Cozy Coat


      Do you want the to feel like heaven in a coat? 

      The Cozy Coat was created to be the coziest, softest and most comfy coat you ever put on. Made of the super soft, plush short fur called cuddle minky seal and is lined with the same fabric this coat is so cozy and has a bit of stretch to it that you will want to live in it!.  

      This coat is light weight but super insulating it feels like you are wearing a warm & cozy hug. With 5 pockets and our signature backpack straps this coat is functional for all your festival needs.  The waist length of this coat makes it versatile to wear for any occasion and everyday life.

      Made to Order in the LA, CA.  For In Stock sizes ready to ship click here.

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