The Furrocious Story

Hi. I’m Kristy. I often get asked how Furrocious began. This is our story…

I went to my first Burning Man festival in 2010.  I instantly knew that I would be a Burner for life.  As a fashion designer, what I immediately loved most about Burning Man was the abundance of creativity everywhere you look — from fashion & costumes, to art cars, camp structures, and art installations. I felt I was in an all-day fashion show and my mind was exploding with fashion ideas from so many creative minds.

Cold weather is not my friend.

I loved every aspect of Burning Man except for the extremely cold nights and even colder sunrises on the Playa. I know I am more sensitive to cold than the average person, but I simply can’t have fun and enjoy myself when I can’t dance hard enough to stay warm. The cold weather makes what should be a fun time into a miserable time… And the thought of freezing from biking home across the playa is just dreadful.

Let creation begin…

After 3 years of miserable cold nights, I was determined to solve this problem and never be cold again at Burning Man.   I had a vision to to create the coolest and warmest, long, faux-fur, hooded, horned cape with matching furry boot covers and wrist paws.

I found the softest and most luxurious ivory and gray faux fur and plush velour lining in downtown LA.  I painted and drilled holes in hard plastic ram horns to attach them to my hood.  I loved how my creation turned out so much that I made a matching cape set in a rich brown & black faux fur for my boyfriend.  I couldn’t leave him to suffer in the cold.

The capes were such a hit!  So many people would approach us at Burning Man and other festivals asking where we got the capes.  So I started making capes for friends and then friends of friends.

After my success with the long capes, I decided to make a short version, introducing the men’s 3 hook vest and women’s cape-let.  After that came the first coat for men – the Vandal – and one for women – the Vixen.  I have slowly added new faux fur styles and colors each season. Five years later, I have a faux fur fashion business!

I love seeing your smiles.

What brings me the most joy in this business is the overwhelming amount of praise I receive from everyone who has purchased a Furrocious product, and all the admirers who hope to one day own something Furrocious.

Everyone is so grateful for my creations because they truly are the warmest, softest, most comfortable, highest quality, everlasting, functional, and fun faux-fur coats on the market.

The smiles I see from Furrocious customers are truly priceless!

From the original Furrocious cape designs, above, to the latest LED coats, below, Furrocious has come a long way!