Faux Fur “Simian” Hood

Faux Fur “Simian” Hood


      Do you want to feel the softest faux fur to warm your neck, head, and shoulders giving you a warm hug whenever you feel a chill in the air? 

      The Simian Hood is so cozy you will want to live in it! This hood will bring you joy, warmth and fun wherever you go.   There is an inside secret secret pocket and a button & loop closure to get more snuggly.

      Wondering where the word “Simian" comes from?  It is an adjective resembling or characteristic of apes or monkeys. So monkey around and have some fun in your Simian Hood! :)

      Made to Order in the LA, CA.  For In Stock sizes ready to ship click here.  https://www.furrociousfurr.com/collections/all