Men's LED Desert Warrior Coat

Men's LED Desert Warrior Coat

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      Be Fierce, Furrocious and Sexy in our AMAZING SPECTACULAR LED Women's Desert Warrior Coat!  

      The LED Desert Warrior Coat was designed to be the warmest, coziest and ultimate light show where ever you may go.  Made of the highest quality faux fur and lined with cuddle minky fabric this coat is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy on the Playa or at your next Festival.  The oversized hood is lined in fur making for maximum coziness.  The high low hem is especially great for riding a bike on the Playa.  Bonus! use this coat as an extremely soft and warm blanket.  

      Control the LED colors patterns from your phone. This coat operates by a Blue Tooth App and has 200 color changing modes!  Our custom LEDS are both durable, dry cleanable and rechargeable.  Set the brightness to one notch below full bright and your LEDS will shine all through the night and into the next depending on the settings you choose! 

      Every man will feel fierce, sexy, confident, and like a star wearing a Furrocious LED Coat.


      Made to Order in the LA, CA.  For In Stock sizes ready to ship click here.