LED Product Information

Curious about how your Furrocious LED coat or vest works? Read the instructions and some helpful tips, below.

  1. First download your Magic LED app from the Google Play Store or from iTunes.
  2. Once the app is on your phone, make sure you Bluetooth is on.
  3. Look for channel SP105E and connect to it.
    If it doesn’t connect, log out, reconnect, turn Bluetooth on/off and try again. Restart your phone if all else fails.
  4. Connect the battery in your coat to the wire in the battery pocket, and turn the battery (batteries) on. “O” (Up is on.)
  5. If your battery has no charge, your lights will not turn on.  Charge your battery and then turn them on. The battery takes 6-8 hours to fully charge.
  6. Furrocious styles run on 1 battery. 

Battery Life, Color Settings, Cleaning

  • Keep the brightness to 2 notches below full bright to power the LEDs the max time at a great brightness level.
  • There are 200 color modes in your app. The Auto mode runs through all the modes. Mode 1 is rainbow (everyone's favorite).
  • Solid colors drain the battery faster than color changing patterns. Solid White takes the most energy. 
  • Batteries last approximately 5 hours with your LEDs on random settings.
  • Please us if you you have an issues with your LEDs.  No electronic is free from a possible future glitch.  We now have the knowledge to repair an LED strand by cutting out a bad LED and fusing the strand back together with some shrink tubes and a heat gun/hair dryer.
  • Dry clean your Furrocious LED coat or vest at a reputable dry cleaner and it will look like new again.
  • BEFORE YOU CLEAN YOUR LED fur, you must remove the Magic LED located in the lower left side seam of your garment. Untie it, disconnect it from the light strip, and detach the wire to battery. Also remove the all batteries. The LEDs are water-resistant and do not need to be removed to dry- clean your coat or vest.
  • Do not submerge the LEDs in water.  
  • We encourage you to dance your heart out but remember to always handle your LED Furrocious with love and care it is still made with electronics that should be cared for like your phone.

Enjoy hours of fun in your Amazing Furrocious LED fur!