The Regional Burn: Exploring the Magic of The Borderland in Alversjö, Sweden. Tips and Fashion Advice  | Furrocious Furr

The Regional Burn: Exploring the Magic of The Borderland in Alversjö, Sweden. Tips and Fashion Advice | Furrocious Furr


The Borderland. What is it?

Welcome to the vibrant world of The Borderland, a regional burn event that takes place at the end of July every year in Alversjö, Sweden. Inspired by the legendary Burning Man festival in Nevada, The Borderland embodies the ten principles of Burning Man, fostering a creative, inclusive, and participatory community. 


If you are thinking about adventuring to The Borderland let us tell you about the essence of this remarkable event, exploring the exhilarating activities, the spirit of theme camps, and the essential items to pack. Additionally, we'll discuss fashion tips to help you express your unique personality and prepare you for the weather.


The Borderland: A Hub of Creativity and Expression:

At The Borderland, participants gather to create a temporary city that embraces radical self-expression, self-reliance, and communal effort. The event serves as a playground for artists, performers, musicians, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in a world of imagination and connection.


Theme camps play a crucial role in shaping the experience, with groups of like-minded individuals coming together to create unique spaces and activities that cater to diverse interests. These camps often welcome newcomers, making it an excellent opportunity for virgin burners to connect with experienced participants. Contacting theme camps beforehand can provide valuable information, secure your home at the burn, learn how to participate and foster new friendships.


Packing Necessities for The Borderland:

When preparing for The Borderland, it's crucial to pack wisely to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are some essential items to consider:

  1. Shelter and Sleeping Gear: Bring a sturdy tent, shade structure, a sleeping bag, and a sleeping mat to ensure a good night's rest amidst the festivities.
  2. Hydration: As with any outdoor event, hydration is key. Carry a reusable water bottle, consider bringing a water filtration system.  Be sure to  bring enough water for each day you will be there for cooking, drinking and showering.
  3. Food and Cooking Supplies: Plan for self-sufficiency by packing non-perishable foods and necessary cooking equipment.
  4. Lighting: Don't forget to bring a headlamp or flashlight to navigate the event's nocturnal wonderland.  Light up accessories and flow toys are great for this.
  5. Sun Protection: With sunny days, pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun's rays.
  6. A bike: It’s an easy way to go from place to place quickly.  Don’t forget to decorate it with faux fur, lights and what ever other decor will make it stand out from the crowd.  Be sure to have a sturdy kickstand, bike basket for carrying things and a bike lock.


Fashion Tips for The Borderland:

The Borderland is a place to unleash your creativity and showcase your unique style. Fashion becomes an art form, allowing you to express yourself freely. While there are no strict dress codes, wearing outfits that combine comfort and self-expression can enhance the experience. Here are some tips to consider:



The weather at The Borderland typically ranges from a high of 70 degrees to lows in the low 50s at night. With the sun shining in the day pack shorts and tanks, t’s, crop tops, bikini tops comfy knits, breezy bottoms etc. 


Pack layers like kimonos, hoodies, vests, scarfs, a range of jackets, leggings, pants, skirts etc.  Pack warm clothes like thicker leggings, heavier pants, long sleeve tops for the cooler evenings and comfortable shoes and cozy socks for lots of dancing and walking around.

burning man leather holster

Back Packs/ Holsters: 

You will want to have a way to easily carry your personal belonging that you will need throughout the day.  Don’t forget the sunscreen and hand sanitizer.


festival faux fur coats

Luxury Faux Fur Coat Collection

Faux Fur Coats:

A warm and cozy faux fur coat is a must-have for the chilly nights. Furrocious Furr offers a variety of high-quality, soft fur coats, vests, and hoods for both men and women. Their collection includes long coats, short coats, colorful coats, natural-colored coats, super warm coats, and lighter-weight options. They even do custom orders so you can create a piece to match your personal style.

festival hat

Unique Accessories:

Shopping on Etsy, exploring vintage stores, and raiding your Halloween costume collection can help you find distinctive pieces to complete your outfits and express your personality.  There is no limit for creativity.  The bolder the better. Think fun and colorful and accessorize when planning your outfits.  Anything goes here from funky sunglasses to uniquely decorated hats.

festival wings

Costumes & Flow Toys:

By bringing flow toys and fun costumes and costume accessories, you will only enhance the joyful atmosphere, mesmerize fellow attendees with captivating moves and whimsical attire, and creating unforgettable memories filled with laughter, dance, and endless fun.  So raid your costume closet and let your creativity flow.

led fur coats

Light Yourself Up:

To take your look to the next level and stand out in the dark playa, consider adding some LED accessories like light up hats, jewelry, scarves, etc. Not only will they light up your ensemble, but they also make it easier to locate your friends in the crowd. 

Furrocious Furr makes the most amazing high quality high tech LED coat and vests which do 200 color changing patterns and are controlled with a blue tooth app on your phone. They have a wide range of styles from short to long, sparkly or furry, you can surely find a style you like.


The Borderland is a truly remarkable event that allows participants to explore their creativity, forge connections, and embrace self-expression. The theme camps provide an immersive experience, and being part of one can help enhance your journey. As you prepare for this magical adventure, remember to pack the essentials, prioritize comfort, and let your imagination run wild.

 luxury led coats

Women's Princess Python Coat and Men's Sequin King Coat

And don't forget to check out Furrocious Furr's fabulous faux fur collection for stylish and cozy outerwear options that will keep you warm during the cool nights. See you at The Borderland, where dreams become reality, and the community thrives in all its glory.

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Yes, The Borderland is a camping event in Alversjö, Sweden. You must bring everything you need including water and all your camping supplies.

No, The Borderland is a Regional Burning Man Event in Alversjö, Sweden. There are Theme Camps, Art Installations, Art Car, and lots of creative people. The Borderland follows the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

They are more than good. Faux fur coats are essential to staying warm at The Borderland. The temperatures can drop into the 50s at night. Having something warm, soft and cozy like a luxury faux fur coat is really the most important item you should have in your festival wardrobe. If you do not have a warm faux fur coat to wear when the temperature drops, I guarantee you will be cold and miserable.

Furrocious Furr makes the best faux fur coats forThe Borderland. Furrocious faux fur coats are not only stylish and fashionable but completely functional for all your festival needs. They have a wide variety of styles for men and women to choose from. Furrocious Furr coats are extremely comfortable and cozy. Each coat is made of the softest faux fur and most high quality materials, super cozy lining, has multiple pockets, and backpack straps so when its too hot you can wear you coat like a cape and never have to put it on the ground. Save your self the trouble of illumniating yourself with blinky string lights and get a LED Furrocious Furr Coat. You are immedaitley lite up with the push of a button and ready for a safe night in the dark environment.

Furrocious Furr makes the warmest festival coats compared to other brands. In addition to thier wide range of faux fur from thin to thick, to super thick, to various faux chinchilla qulaities, they use a plush minky cuddle lining that adds extra warmth and coziness to each coat. They have the level of warmth each person needs.

Furrocious Furr makes the softest faux fur coats for The Borderland. They only use the highest quality faux fur which are all extremely soft. The faux chinchilla furs are by far the softest.

You can get a nice faux fur coat made in China for under $100 on Amazon. But there is no guarantee how well it will fit and how long it will last. It also won't have multiple pockets and other design features that a more expensive faux fur coat will have. If you are looking for fast disposable fashion you can buy a cheap nice faux fur coat but it you want a quality faux fur coat that will last and be eco friendly a more expensive coat is the better option in the long run.

A well made faux fur coat is better than a vintage real fur coat for The Borderland because it is not only animal free but also more comfortable, durable, and functional. With advanced fabric technology high quality faux fur can be as warm as real fur. Today it is doubtful that a vintage real fur coat will fit as well as a faux fur coat made today. A vintage fur coat will not have as many pockets as a new faux fur coat. Many vintage real fur coats have lost durabilty over time and will not hold up as well as a quality faux fur coat.

Yes, a faux fur coat is warm enough for The Borderland. With cold winds and temperatures dropping into the 50's at night, its essential to have a warm and cozy faux fur coat for outside festivals. Faux fur coats range in thickness and levels of warmth. You should choose a faux fur coat that matches your level of tolerance in cold temprateures.

Faux furs coats CAN get wet, but it not recommended. It's best to keep it dry whenever possible. Rain won't ruin a faux fur coat and will dry hung in a ventialted area. Use a brush to fluff the fur back to life after it dries.

Yes. We recommend dry cleaning your faux fur coat at a reputabe cleaner for best results. You can also hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent or shampoo. Hang to dry. No heat.

Yes, you can wash a coat covered in dust and dirt. You must you a machine gental cylce. Too much agitation will ruin the fur. Air dry. No Heat!

It is recommended that you dry clean your faux fur coat after going to a desert event to refresh it. You can also hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent combined with vinegar. Hang dry the coat in a ventilated area and fluff with brush.

A faux fur coat is made of synthetic acrylic and polyester fibers.

A faux fur coat is 100% ethical and moop free making it the perfect eco conscience choice to wear at The Borderland. You may loose a hair or too but its less than the amount you will shed from your head.

Faux fur is made out of synthetic materials in an attempt to mimic the appearance of animal fur but is made only of synthtic man made fibers making it 100% vegan and animal free.

Faux Fur coats are not toxic to wear and cause no allergic reactions.

Faux Fur coats are the not only the fashionable thing to wear at The Borderland but also an essential item to wear to survive cold desert nights. With so many options in faux fur coats today you can express your persoanl style with a fashionable faux fur coat.

The most important thing to look for in a faux fur coat for festivals is quality, durability, fit, and feel. There are a few things to think about when deciding on which faux fur coat to buy for The Borderland. 1. The Fit. You need to make sure the coat is comfortable, feels cozy, and fits over what you plan to wear under it. 2. The Fur. How thick do you need the fur to be? How cold do you get? 3. The style. Do you want a hood? A collar? or perhaps a zip off hood. 4. The Length. Do you want the coat short? mid thigh? knee length? or to the ground?

Fun faux fur was already a part of the rave and club cultures in the 1990's. The outside desert location and cold night temperatures of the The Borderland gave faux fur its place. Faux Fur coats have become an essential part of most people's festival wardrobe.

So many festival goers wear faux fur coats because most importantly they are warm, cozy, and comfortable. They are also love faux fur coats as a way to express their own unique personal style.

The style of the faux fur coat a person needs for The Borderland depends on that individual's needs and personal taste. For example many guys run hot and don't need the same type of faux fur coat a female who gets cold very easily will need. A faux fur vest is often the best solution for men that run hot. There are also different thicknesses/ warmth levels of faux fur to consider as well as different lengths of faux fur coats ranging, from waist length to floor length.

Quality faux fur coats are made to be worn and with stand any harsh environment like the desert. Dry cleaning your coat at a reputable cleaner after wearing it at a weekend festival will result in your coat looking like new again. Standard dirt and dust will completely dissolve in the dry cleaning process. Cheap poor quality faux fur coats will just not look as good after a week in the desert.

High quality faux fur coats are not moopy. Less faux furs will fall off than hairs on your head. A cheap poor quality faux fur coat may moop.

Furrocious Furr makes the best LED/light-up faux fur coats. They are by far the most durable, high quality LED faux fur coats in the market. The Furrocious Furr LED collection has the widest variety of styles and colors of LED faux fur coats for both men and women.