Spring into Festival Season: Lighter Furs & Pastel Pops from Furrocious Furr!


Lilac Sheer Magic Kimono

Fur-tastic Festival Fashion: Elevate Your Spring Look with Lighter Furs & Pastel Hues!

As festival season approaches, it's time to refresh your wardrobe with the latest spring fashion from Furrocious Furr! From sequin kimonos to cotton candy-colored faux furs, our newest creations are a must-have for your festival wardrobe. Whether you're dancing under the desert sun at Coachella or embracing the magic of Lightning in a Bottle, our products are designed to keep you stylish and comfortable all day and night.

Blue Violet Dream Sequin Kimono

You know if can be warm in the day but when the sun sets and you are outside the air turns chilly and you will need some layers to stay warm. There is nothing cozier than faux fur. Furrocious Furr makes the highest quality faux fur coats, vest, hoods, kimonos, etc for men and women. Out products are proudly made in the USA. because they are made to order we can customize them how ever you like making sure your Furrocious Furr fits you perfectly.


Rainbow Tiny Twinkle Kimono

Sparkly and Shiny Kimonos with Pastel Pops: Elevate Your Festival Outfit

Lightweight and adorned with shimmering sequins, our new sequin or sheer iridescent kimonos add a touch of glamour and fun to any outfit. Layer them over any look for a playful yet chic ensemble that's sure to turn heads.  

Our new kimonos are the perfect layering piece to all your outfits. they are lined with a silky satin that feels so nice on the skin. You can have them with or without LEDS.  They all have 5 pockets and out signature back pack straps.  

Barbie Pink LED Kimono/ Barbie Pink Kimono

Take your kimono to the next level with LEDS.  You are guaranteed to shine and have all eyes on you in our mesmerizing LED kimono collecion.

Gray Hologram Big Bling Kimono

LED Gray Hologram Big Bling Kimono

Stay Stylish and Cozy at Music Festivals with Customizable Faux Fur Creations

At Furrocious Furr, we take pride in creating high-quality faux fur coats, vests, hoods, and kimonos for both men and women. Made to order in the USA, our products can be customized to your liking, ensuring the perfect fit and style for your festival adventures.   We do custom orders.  Check out our Custom order page and DM US today to start your unique one of a kind piece. 

White Unicorn Petite Playa Coat

Stay Cozy with Our Signature Features

Featuring five pockets, including a secret pocket, and signature backpack straps for easy wearing, our faux fur creations are as functional as they are fashionable. Plus, our lightweight designs are perfect for spring, providing warmth without weighing you down.

White Tiny Twinkle Kimono

People say that when you wear your Furrocious Furr with the back pack straps it looks like you have angel wings.

Yeti White Desert Warrior Vest

Must-Have Festival Essentials: Lighter Weight Jackets, LED Accessories, and More!


Neon Cheetah Desert Warrior Vest

The Desert Warrior Vest

Faux Fur vests for both men and women are a spring festival necessity. No festival outfit is complete without a faux fur vest! Our Desert Warrior hooded vest style for both men and women is perfect for layering your spring festival clothing, offering both style and practicality with its long front and short back design.


Wolf Hood

Simian Hoods

We must highlight our Simian hoods for the easiest way to add some warmth. when you head is warm you warm your whole body. Our hood design wraps around your shoulders like it's giving you a warm hug. Our newest hoods are the neon kitty and wolf hood.

LED Wolf Hood

New Arrivals: LED Hoods

Check out the LED hoods- even the ears light up. So cute and cozy and you will glow too. This one of a kind LED accessory goes with any festival style.


LED Hooded Blanket

LED Hooded Blankets

Get ready to elevate your cozy nights with our LED hooded faux fur blanket featuring a Jumbie Art psychedelic print! Whether you're camping under the stars, snuggled up by the campfire, or enjoying a cozy night in your RV, this plush and luxurious blanket is the ultimate festival accessory. With backpack straps, a hood, hand nooks, and the option to use it as a blanket, it's versatile, stylish, and sure to make your evenings even more magical.

Pink Lime Feather Snuggle Coat

Snuggle Coat

The Snuggle Coat is our newest coat. Its short length, zip front closure and big fur lined hood make it so versatile to wear giving you the perfect amount of warmth without being to heavy.  Its the perfect amount of snuggle and warmth.  We love the bright colors but you can get it in neutral colors too,

Rainbow Shaggy Coat

Crop Shaggy Coat

Our crop shaggy style coats are light weight, hood free and so much fun to wear.  Its a must have addition to your festival wardrobe.


C3 Just The Tip Light Pink Coat

LED C3 2.0 Just The Tip Light Pink Coat

C3 2.0 Jackets and in LED

We are really excited about our newest women's LED C3 2.0 coat.  It's incredibly adorable and snug and easy to wear with the below the booty length but has all the lights you could want running around the perimeter, sleeves and back.  We have the same style for men too.

LED C3 2.0 Just The Tip Gray Coat

The Men's C3 2.0 coat is one of our best sellers.  This LED coat is a standout piece, featuring lights around the perimeter, sleeves, and back for an extra dose of sparkle.   Every man needs this in their festival wardrobe.

 Electric Tiger Short Cozy Coat

Men's Long and Short Cozy Coats

For men our Cozy Coat in long and short are light weight but super plush.  This style is a must-have for spring festivals. It even doubles as a blanket for those chilly desert nights.  Go bold with the electric tiger to tame with the natural tiger color options. 


Big Bling White Iridescent Kimono

So whether you're looking to shine bright in sequins or stay cozy in faux fur, Furrocious Furr has everything you need to make a statement at this year's spring festivals decked out in your festival fashion. Shop our latest arrivals today to elevate your festival outfits and get ready to turn heads wherever you go!

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