Furrocious Furr LED collabs with Portal - Luminous Wearable Infinity Mirror Art

What better accessory is there for an LED Furrocious Furr than an amazing LED portal infinity mirror necklace?  Furrocious could not resist the opportunity to jump in on a photoshoot with Portal.

Portal necklaces really are the future of fashion technology, combining the magic of infinity mirrors with your own creativity for the ultimate, modern statement piece.

LED men's festival fashion and accessories outfit

LED women's festival fashion and accessories outfit

What makes these Portal necklaces so cool?

  • It works with an App on your phone.
  • Match your mood with over 100 mesmerizing color changing patterns.
  • The mirror is shatterproof so dance as hard as you like.
  • Dance all night with a rechargeable battery that lasts 8 hours.
  • Be the center of attention with all the admirers you will get.

Portal will be launching on Indigogo.com May 10, 2022.  Mark it on your calendar to be one of the 1st wear the ultimate LED accessory.


LED festival faux fur fashion and LED accessories outfits

LED festival fashion outfits

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