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Do you Really Need a Faux fur Coat for Burning Man?

burning man faux fur coats

What is the Best Faux Fur Coat for Burning Man?

You may be wondering, why do I need a faux fur coat at Burning Man when temperatures are extremely hot in the vast desert environment.  Temperatures on the Playa of burning man fluctuate from extreme highs and extreme lows from day to night, day to day and year to year.  It’s hard to predict what the weather will be like each year.  

It’s best to be prepared for the cold and bring layers, warm socks, warm boots, gloves, hand warmers and the most importantly a warm faux fur coat.  

men in warm faux fur coats

With temperatures dropping into the 40s and 50s at night a faux fur coat is the warmest and coziest way to be comfortable and survive on the frigid Playa.   Your ski coat is just not going to have the level of warmth & comfort that a faux fur coat does.

You need faux fur coat for burning man!

You may be wondering, what kind of faux fur coat is best to buy.  There is not one answer to this question.  Each individually must take in the consideration the following things when deciding on what type of faux fur coat to buy. 

faux fur coat shopping

1. Quality.  Do you want to invest in a coat that well made, softer, more comfortable and more and will last you for years or do you want a cheap faux fur coat that will fall apart and likely end up in a landfill?

2. Materials.  Do you run hot or cold.?  This is important to think about when deciding on the thickness of your faux fur coat.  A lot of men run hotter than women and therefore don’t need as thick of a faux fur coat.  They may even opt for a faux fur vest or cape.  Be sure to check out the lining of the coat as well.  A satin lining will not be as warm as a soft cozy one.   If you are seeking the warmest and softest faux fur, faux chinchilla is the best choice.  Check out our Tissavel Faux Chinchilla Collection.

faux fur chinchilla coats men & women

3. Style. This is a personal preference when it comes to the look.  Do you want a hood, no hood, zip off hood, collar, lapel?  Do you want a short coat, mid length or long to the ground?  Do you want a more fitted style coat or a looser relaxed fit?  There are so many options and combinations that you can customize your faux fur coat to exactly how you would like it.  We do custom orders.

4. Fit.  Make sure you consider what you plan to wear under your faux fur coat.  Do you have enough room in the shoulders to dance comfortably and give someone a hug?  You want to pick a size and style that will fit comfortably over your outfits or layers.

5. Features.  Does your faux fur coat have enough pockets?  Does it have secure pockets so your things will not fall out.  Does it have enough closures or closures that are easy to use.  Does it have back pack straps?  All of our coats and vests have our infamous backpack straps so you can wear the faux coat as a cape when you are too hot.  

6. Color.  How do you want to express yourself?  Do you want something bright and colorful or do you prefer something neutral in color or animal print?  There is also the option of sparkly, sequins, or specialty fabrics combined with faux fur.

7. Lights!  Do you want to light up in the dark? It’s so easy to just turn your coat lights on and not have to worry about l putting fairy lights on or getting run over in the dark or losing your friends on the Playa.  Check out our LED collection for our various LED style faux fur coats & vests.

burning man girls in led faux fur coats

In conclusion, faux fur coats are absolutely the best solution to surviving cold nights at Burning Man.  Now choosing your dream faux fur coat is going to be the hard part with so many options.

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The are more than good. Faux fur coats are essential to surving Burning Man. Desert temperatures can drop into the 40s and 50s at night. Having something warm, soft and cozy like a luxury faux fur coat is really the most important item you should have in your Burning Man wardrobe. If you do not have a warm faux fur coat to wear when the temperature drops, I guanrantee you will be cold and miserable.

Furrocious Furr makes the best faux fur coats for Burning Man. Furrociuous fuax fur coats are not only styish and fashionable but completey fuctional for all your festival needs. They have a wide variety of styles for men and women to choose from. Furrocious Furr coats are extremly comfortable and cozy. Each coat is made of the softest faux fur and most high quality materials, super cozy lining, has multiple pockets, and backpack straps so when its too hot you can wear you coat like a cape and never have to put it on the ground. Save your self the trouble of illumniating yourself with blinky string lights and get a LED Furrocious Furr Coat. You are immedaitley lite up with the push of a button and ready for a safe night on the Playa.

Furrocious Furr makes the warmest Burning Man coats compared to other brands. In addition to their wide range of faux fur from thin to thick, to super thick, to various faux chinchilla qulaities, they use a plush minky cuddle lining that adds extra warmth and coziness to each coat. They have the level of warmth each person needs.

Furrocious Furr makes the softed Burning Man coats. They only use the highest quality faux fur which are all extremely soft. The faux chinchilla furs are by far the softest.

You can get a nice faux fur coat made in China for under $100 on Amazon. But there is no guarantee how well it will fit and how long it will last. It also won't have multiple pockets and other design features that a more expensive faux fur coat will have. If you are looking for fast disposible fashion you can buy a cheap nice faux fur coat but it you want a quality faux fur coat that will last and be eco friendly a more expensive coat is the better option in the long run.

A well made faux fur coat is better than a vintage real fur coat for Burning Man beucase it is not only animal free but also more comfortable, durable, and fucntional. With advanced fabric technology high quality faux fur can be as warm as real fur. Todays it is doubtful that a vintage real fur coat will fit as well as a faux fur coat made today. A vintage fur coat will not have as many pockets as a new faux fur coat. Many vintage real fur coats have lost durabilty over time and will not hold up as well as a quality faux fur coat.

Yes, a faux fur coat is warm enough for Burning Man. With cold winds and temperatures dropping into the 40's and 50's at night, its essential to have a warm and cozy faux fur coat for Burnign Man. Faux fur coats range in thickness and levels of warmth. You should choose a faux fur coat that matches your level of tolerance in cold temprateures.

Faux furs coats CAN get wet, but it not recommended. It's best to keep it dry whenever possible. Rain won't ruin a faux fur coat and will dry hung in a ventialted area. Use a brush to fluff the fur back to life after it dries.

Yes. After Burning Man, we recommend dry cleaning your faux fur coat at a reputabe cleaner for best results. You can also hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent or shampoo mixed with vinegar to dissolve the Playa dust. Hang to dry. No heat.

Yes, you can wash a coat covered in Playa dust. You must you a machine gental cylce. Too much agitation will ruin the fur. You also need to add vinegar to the wash to disslove the Playa dust.

It is recommended that you dry clean your faux fur coat after burning man to refresh it. You can also hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent combined with vinegar. Hang dry the coat in a ventilated area and fluff with brush.

A Burninfg Man faux fur coat is made of synthetic acrylic and polyester fibers.

A faux fur coat is 100% ethical and moop free making it the perfect eco conscience choice to wear at Burning Man. You may loose a hair or too but its less than the amount you will shed from your head.

Faux fur Faux fur is made out of synthetic materials in an attempt to mimic the appearance of animal fur but is made only of synthtic man made fibers making it 100% vegan and animal free.

Yes, Vegan burners can wear faux fur coats becuase faux fur coats are the ethic alternative to real fur coats. Faux fur coats are 100% vegan & animal free.

Faux Fur coats are not toxic to wear and cause no allergic reactions.

Faux Fur coats are the not only the fashionable thing to wear at Burning Man but also an essential item to wear to survive cold Playa Nights. With so many options in faux fur coats today you can express your persoanl style on the Playa with a fashionable faux fur coat.

The most important thing to look for in a faux fur coat for Burning Man is quality, durability, fit, and feel. There are a few things to think about when deciding on which faux fur coat to buy for Burning Man. 1. The Fit. You need to make sure the coat is comfortable, feels cozy, and fits over what you plan to wear under it. 2. The Fur. How thick do you need the fur to be? How cold do you get? 3. The style. Do you want a hood? A collar? or perhaps a zip off hood. 4. The Length. Do you want the coat short? mid thigh? knee lenth? or to the ground?

Fun faux fur was already a part of the rave and club cultures in the 1990's but it was the arctic 1999 Burning Man that gave faux fur its place in the Burning Man fashion history. By 2000, the collective unconscious zeroed in on form and function of wearing faux fur coats at Burning Man. Faux Fur coats were then known to be essential on the Playa combining the love of costumery with personal safety.

So many Burners wear faux fur coats because most importantly they are warm, cozy, and comfortable. Burners also love faux fur coats as a way to express their own unique persoanl style.

The style of the faux fur coat a person needs for Burning Man depends on that individual's needs and personal taste. For example many guys run hot and don't need the same type of faux fur coat a female who gets cold very easily will need. A faux fur vest is often the best solution for men that run hot. There are also different thicknesses/ warmth levels of faux fur to consider as well as different lengths of faux fur coats ranging, from waist lenth to floor length.

Quality faux fur coats are made to be worn and with stand any harsh environment like the Playa at Burning Man. Dry cleaning your coat at a reputable cleaner after wearing it at Burning Man will result in your coat looking like new again. The Playa dust will completly dissolve in the dry cleaning process. Cheap poor quality faux fur coats will just not look as good after a week on the Playa.

High quality faux fur coats are not moopy. Less faux furs will fall off than hairs on your head. A cheap poor quality faux fur coat may moop.

Furrocious Furr makes the best LED/light-up faux fur coats. They are by far the most durable, high quality LED faux fur coats in the market. The Furrocious Furr LED collection has the widest variety of styles and colors of LED faux fur coats for both men and women.