How To Stay Warm at Your Next Festival

How To Stay Warm at Your Next Festival

Solid Tips, Tricks, and Hacks from a Seasoned Festival-Goer

It’s almost festival season. Yay! We want you to make the most of every event you attend, so we’re going to share the best festival-hacks we know. (And we know from experience.)

Today’s topic:  How to say warm at a spring festival.

Whether you are a festival newbie or seasoned festival-goer, our insider’s tips will help you enjoy the heck out of your weekend, wherever you go.


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Fact: Southern California festivals are COLD at night. Especially early in the Spring!

Don’t assume that because it’s spring, early summer, or California, that it must be warm.  It gets cold, VERY COLD, especially at night.   Temperatures are likely to drop into the low-40’s or even colder.

You can wear bikinis and booty shorts in the day, but after the sun goes down you are going to need to layer up.

And remember, a festival party goes all night long. Staying warm means you’ll be having more fun, not sitting in your tent wondering how long before daylight comes back.

So, what should you wear to stay warm?

Keeping warm is essential to enjoying the festival into the wee hours. We suggest you bring or wear:

  • a cozy warm Furrocious faux-fur coat is really all you need!
  • warm furry/ wooly hats or furry animal hoods
  • gloves
  • warm cozy socks — ski socks work great for this!
  • cozy boots
  • layers!  bring leggings, ski thermals, sweaters, hoodies
  • scarves — they’re not just for your neck!
  • hand warmers from ski season are a must
  • don't forget to bring tea and hot cocoa to warm you from the inside out
  • don't forget fun light up accessories and flow toys

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