Slope Style Secrets: Elevate Your Winter Ski Trip with Must-Have Essentials and Furrocious Furr's Luxe Faux Fur Collection!

Slope Style Secrets: Elevate Your Winter Ski Trip with Must-Have Essentials and Furrocious Furr's Luxe Faux Fur Collection!

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Winter Ski Vacation Packing List

Hello, Ski and Snowboard Enthusiasts! Are you gearing up for an unforgettable winter adventure? Prepare to elevate your ski trip with all that you need and more.  Let us tell you more about Furrocious Furr – your go-to destination for opulent faux fur fashion that blends warmth, style, and sophistication on the slopes!

ski trip packing list

The Ultimate Ski Trip Essentials

While Furrocious Furr's luxurious faux fur collection adds unparalleled glamour and style to your ski ensemble, don't forget these other essential items to make the most of your winter getaway:

What to Wear

  • High-Performance Ski Gear: Ensure you have top-quality skis or snowboard, boots, bindings, and poles tailored to your skill level and preferences.
  • Waterproof and Wind Proof Jackets & Pants: Look for performance specifications on the tags with fabrics such as Gortex to insure that you will stay warm and dry on the slopes.
  • Warm Base Layers: Layer up with moisture-wicking thermal tops and bottoms to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Fleece: Another layer of warmth between your base layer ad jacket for extra cold days.
  • Wool Socks: A necessity to keep your feet warm on and off the slopes. 
  • Water Proof Boots: With all the snow and slush water proof boots will protect your feet from getting wet and cold in the elements.
  • Insulated Gloves or Mittens: Protect your hands from the cold with durable gloves or mittens that offer insulation without sacrificing dexterity.
  • Hand Warmers/ Boot Heaters: Disposable or rechargeable.  Its always a good idea to have these handy for a more enjoyable day in the cold. 
  • Ski Goggles or Sunglasses: Shield your eyes from snow glare and UV rays with high-quality goggles or sunglasses designed for outdoor winter sports.
  • Helmet: Prioritize safety on the slopes by wearing a properly fitted helmet to reduce the risk of head injuries during falls or collisions.

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Other Things

  • Sun Screen and Lip Balm: Protect your skin and lips from the elements. 
  • Headphones: Music in your ears will have you grooving down the slopes
  • Hydration Pack or Water Bottle: Stay hydrated throughout your ski adventures by carrying a convenient hydration pack or insulated water bottle.
  • Snacks and Energy Bars: Refuel on the go with nutritious snacks like trail mix, granola bars, or energy gels to keep your energy levels up during long days on the mountain.
  • Games and Portable Speaker: Have some cozy cabin fun with music and games to play.
  • Tiny Back Pack or Fanny Pack: Its handy to keep some extra essentials on you while on the slopes.

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Apres Ski Wear 

  • Sunglasses: You will want to protect your eyes from the sun and the bright white snow.
  • Apres Ski Fur Coat: Be cozy, comfortable, and stylish in a fashionable faux fur coat.
  • Apres Ski Boots: Warm, comfy waterproof boots are a necessity.
  • Apres Ski Accessories: Cute pom pom hat, gloves, fun scarf.
  • Swimsuit: Rejuvenate your body in a hot tube or sauna apres ski.

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Luxurious Comfort and Practical Function

When it comes to hitting the slopes in style, functionality is key. The Furrocious Furr collection of coats, jackets, vests, hoods, and accessories is meticulously designed to keep you warm and cozy while exuding unparalleled elegance. Our 100% vegan products are lined with a super soft plush minky lining that make it feel like you are wearing a hug. 

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Men's Snap Off Hood Blue Wolf Coat

With multiple pockets including zipper pockets and a secret stash pocket, you'll effortlessly carry your essentials while making a fashion statement.  You will fall in love with our signature back pack feature that allows you to wear the coat as a cape when you get to warm. This really comes in handy when you are going from the cold outdoors to an inside restaurant, bar or club. You will never leave your coat behind again.

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High Quality, Unmatched Style

Furrocious Furr is committed to offering top-notch quality and fashion-forward designs tailored to impress the most affluent ski and snowboard communities. Our pieces are not only warm and stylish made of the highest quality material but also crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring you stand out on and off the mountain.

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LED Collection

Illuminate Your Adventures with LED Glamour

Make your ski trip unforgettable with our exclusive LED collection! Whether you're hitting the slopes or enjoying après-ski parties, our radiant high tech creations will make you the center of attention. Our LED products work with a  covenient blue tooth app on your phone and do 200 color changing patterns.Shine bright and make memories that last a lifetime with the Furrocious Furr LED Collection.

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Custom Creations for the Ultimate Expression

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? With Furrocious Furr, you can unleash your creativity with custom orders. Let your imagination run wild as we bring your dream faux fur piece to life, ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind creation that reflects your unique style and personality. Contact us to create your one of a kind custom faux fur.

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Blue Wolf Coat, Pink Panther Coat, Dark Acid Coat

Elevate Your Ski Experience with Furrocious Furr

As you plan your luxury ski or snowboard trip, don't forget to pack the ultimate ski trip essentials  and something warm and cozy from–Furrocious Furr's luxurious faux fur collection of coats, jackers, vest, hoods and accessories. Stay warm, look cool, and make a statement with our fashion-forward designs that are perfect for the slopes, winter town outings, and après-ski parties. Experience the pinnacle of winter fashion with Furrocious Furr by your side!

Gear up for glamour, and let your ski adventures be Furrociously fabulous! 🎿❄️

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With Furrocious Furr's fashionable winter wear collection, you can effortlessly elevate your cold-weather style. From chic faux fur coats to trendy vests and hoods, our pieces are designed to keep you cozy and stylish all season long.

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Make a fashion statement at the ski resort with Furrocious Furr's collection of fashionable ski attire. From luxurious faux fur coats to trendy faux fur accessories, our pieces ensure you look effortlessly chic while enjoying your winter getaway.