Tissavel Faux Fur- The most luxurious & soft faux fur on the planet!

Tissavel- Luxury faux fur at its finest.
So soft, so plush, so luxurious, so gorgeous, so warm you won't believe it's FAKE!  We guarantee you will be in love with Tissavel at first touch.  100% Vegan 100% Cruelty Free.  

Brown Tissavel Faux fur Coats

Women's Desert Warrior Coat in Truffle, Men's Playa Coat in Truffle

What is Tissavel Faux Fur?

Originally developed in France, Tissavel faux fur quickly became known for being the softest, most luxurious, and most resilient faux fur in the world.  It really does mimic the fur of a real chinchilla, which is considered to be the softest animal in the world.  Chinchillas have 80-100 hairs per hair follicle, which is unlike any other animal on earth.  

Tissavel faux fur is without a doubt the softest, most dense, most luxurious brand of faux fur on the market. 

What is Tissavel Faux Fur Made of?

Tissavel can easily be mistaken for real fur, despite the fact that is made of no animal parts.  It is made 100% acrylic fibers, making it 100% Vegan.

Why does Tissavel cost so much more than other faux fur?

The process to make this high-end luxury fur is more expensive and time intensive to produce.  When you see Tisssavel in person you can really see and appreciate the iridescence of the fibers that give it that super lux look and feel unlike any other faux fur in the market.  Tissavel is expensive but once you feel it you will understand why.  It's worth every penny. We promise.

How warm is Tissavel Faux Fur?

Because Tissavel faux fur is so thick and dense it really is as warm as real fur.  Tested in below 0 Canada weather we can attest that it really does withstand the coldest temperatures.  We line all of our Tissavel faux fur coats and vests with our signature plush minky cuddle fabric so our coats are extra warm and cozy.  They really do feel like you are wearing a warm hug.

Why isn’t Tissavel available in more colors?

Recent rising production costs including, raw materials, manufacturing, and even new tariffs have resulted in local suppliers to stop importing and selling Tissavel faux by the roll.  Tissavel is now only available for bulk production, which takes 3 months to receive from the date ordered.  Therefore colors are now limited. 

white faux fur chinchilla coat

Women's Desert Warrior Coat in Pegasus

white faux fur chinchilla coat

2 Best Selling Tissavel Furs Restocked!

We are excited to announce that we have restocked our 2 best selling Tissavel Faux fur colors: Pegasus (Iridescent White/ Black) and Truffle (Iridescent Brown/ Silver).  Check our our exclusive Tissavel Style below.

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No, Tissavel is 100% animal free and is made of 100% acrylic fibers.

Tissavel is faux fur that is super soft and silky to touch. It is also very dense and luxurious.

There are many different types and qualities of faux fur which is often based on the fiber length which I known as, pile. Faux fur ranges from long pile faux fur, medium pile faux fur, to short pile faux fur.

In general most fake fur is more rough to the touch when compared to real fur which is very soft and silky smooth to the touch. The burn test is the most accurate way to know if a fur is real or not. Real fur will smell like hair burning and fake fur will melt.

Faux Fur can last a lifetime and more. Made of made from various materials including blends of acrylic and modacrylic polymers faux fur will not easily break down.

Faux fur is a term used to describe synthetic fabric that's been created to mimic the aesthetics of animal fur. The term "faux" is often used interchangeably with "fake" fur.

Faux fur most definitely is warm enough of winter. The warmth factor of faux fur is dependent on the quality and thickness of the fur and the construction and lining used in the coat.