Unleash Your Inner Artist: The Hottest Insider Tips for Art With Me Festival in Miami! 🎨🌴

Unleash Your Inner Artist: The Hottest Insider Tips for Art With Me Festival in Miami! 🎨🌴

art with me

From Daytime Bliss to Nighttime Wonders: Your Epic Art With Me Journey Starts Here!

Guess what fellow festival fanatics? I've got the inside scoop on the most mind-blowing experience that is Art With Me in the vibrant city of Miami. This 3 day festival takes place in December during the time of Art Basal Miami- North America's most comprehensive international contemporary art fair.

art with me

Nestled on Virginia Key, Art with Me emanates island vibes amid swaying palm trees and along the sandy shores.  Buckle up because this isn't your average fest; it's a visual and sensory journey that'll leave you craving more.

art with me

Embark on the Art With Me Journey

Let me paint you a picture of the Art With Me experience. Imagine strolling through an art-infused wonderland where creativity knows no bounds. It's not just a festival; it's a portal to another dimension, and trust me, I've been there.  There are amazing art installations everywhere you look, live art, art galleries, artisanal vendors, workshops, sounds baths, tropical fruit tasting and more.

art with me

A Backstage Pass to Art With Me's Evolution

Take a trip down memory lane with me as we uncover the roots of Art With Me. From its humble beginnings to the masterpiece it is now, every year feels like a new chapter of a thrilling novel.  There is so much more to Art with Me.  It's a family friendly event with a variety of activities for kids, teens, and the whole family.  

art with me

Visual Marvels and Live Artistry

Prepare to be mesmerized as Art With Me transforms into a canvas of creativity. The festival is a playground for breathtaking art installations that defy the ordinary and redefine imagination. Wander through a surreal landscape adorned with jaw-dropping sculptures, interactive exhibits where you can create art, and avant-garde masterpieces.

art with me

But it's not just about what's static – Art With Me breathes life into art with live artistic performances happening in real-time. Watch in awe as talented artists bring their visions to life before your eyes, adding a dynamic and ever-evolving layer to the visual tapestry. It's not just a festival; it's a living, breathing gallery where art takes on a life of its own.

art with me

The Soul of Art With Me

Art With Me isn't just about flashy lights and impressive installations – it's got a soul. Discover how this festival weaves art, wellness, and eco-consciousness into an experience that leaves you inspired and invigorated.

art with me

Navigating the Artistic Waters

Getting into Art With Me isn't just about snagging a ticket; it's about diving headfirst into a sea of artistic expression. From mesmerizing workshops to jaw-dropping performances, every moment is a chance to be part of the creative tapestry.

art with me

Eclectic Beats and Mesmerizing Moves

Get ready to be swept away by the rhythmic pulse at Art With Me! The festival boasts a diverse array of music stages, each offering a unique sonic experience. From live bands belting out soulful tunes to DJs spinning infectious beats that keep the dance floor alive, there's a musical journey for every taste. The stages aren't just about the sounds; they're vibrant platforms for performers and dancers who turn the music into a visual spectacle. 

art with me


Bohemian Chic Meets Beach Bliss: Art With Me Fashion Extravaganza

When it comes to fashion at Art With Me, it's a kaleidoscope of individual expression and creative flair. Festival-goers bring their A-game, showcasing a delightful array of styles that span from festival-chic to breezy beach vibes. Picture this: sparkly cowboy hats paired with flowing kaftans, bikini tops dancing with flowy skirts, and bohemian ensembles adorned with eclectic accessories.

 art with me

From rompers to short shorts, crochet creations to Hawaiian shirts, the fashion landscape is as diverse as the art on display. It's a canvas where graphic tees meet embellished tops, and every accessory, from trendy glasses to bold jewelry, tells a unique story. At Art With Me, anything goes, and fashion becomes an integral part of the immersive experience, turning the festival grounds into a runway of vibrant self-expression.

art with me

Day-to-Night Fashion 

Now, let's talk fashion because, at Art With Me, you're not just dressing up; you're making a statement. Let's chat fashion at Art With Me because it's not just about clothes; it's a chance to express yourself. And, as the island nights can get cool, layering becomes key. Picture yourself in a bright kimono or funky-printed duster, adding a playful touch. Embrace the bohemian vibe with flow scarves or sarong wraps for texture. The fashion scene is a mix of breathable cotton, comfy knits, and bold colors or fun prints. Wrap up in a cozy shawl, hoodies or slip on a crop jacket for both style and warmth.

pink fur coat

Pink Shaggy Crop Faux Fur Coat

tiger hood

Tiger Hood

Faux Fur Bliss

Picture this: the cool island breeze, the moonlit night, and you wrapped in a stylish faux fur coat feeling as cozy as can be. Enter Furrocious Furr, the unsung hero of festival warmth. From sequin and fur combos to crop fur coats, fur vests, animal hoods and lightweight kimonos, they've got you covered.  Furrocious has a wide variety of men and women's style to fit everyone's style and needs from short to long, hooded to collared, sparkly to natural, and they do custom orders.

art with me

led vest
led coats

LED Collection

Lights, Camera, LED Action!

When the sun sets, Art With Me takes on a whole new dimension. Illuminate your night with LED wonders that turn the festival grounds into your personal playground. Trust me; the LED game is strong here.  From LED hats, shoes glasses, pendents, and parasols there are so many ways to light up the night.  Furrocious Furr makes the best quality light up products for men and women including LED fur vests, coats and light weight kimonos. Being illuminated is not only fun but a great way to not lose your friends in the crowd.

Not only are Furrocious Furr products stylish they are also practical with 5 pockets and their signature backpack straps to wear your coat like a cape when you get too hot. Never leave your coat behind again!

 art with me

In a nutshell, Art With Me isn't just a festival; it's an odyssey of the senses. Join me in Miami for an experience that transcends the ordinary, where art, music, and magic converge to create memories that linger long after the lights fade. See you in the artistic abyss! 🎨🌟

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