Unveiling the Ultimate NYE Experience: Decadence Colorado

Unveiling the Ultimate NYE Experience: Decadence Colorado

Immerse Yourself in the Beats and Brilliance of Decadence – A New Year's Eve Extravaganza in Colorado

decadance colorado

The Grand Dance Extravaganza

Get ready to bid farewell to the year in style at Decadence Colorado, the largest New Year's Eve dance music event in the heart of Denver! With multiple stages boasting world-class artists, the Colorado Convention Center transforms into a musical haven. But that's not all – the decadence vibe has expanded to Arizona, promising two days of EDM euphoria at Phoenix Raceway.

decadance colorado

When and Where

From December 30th to December 31st, the Colorado Convention Center will be pulsating with beats right in the heart of Denver's downtown. And guess what? Phoenix Raceway in Arizona joins the decadent party on December 30th.

decadance colorado

The Theme and Tickets

Last year, the theme was "digital city," setting the stage for a tech-infused celebration. General admission starts at $269, while VIP tickets are available at $349. Secure your spot for a night of glamour and groove.

decadance colorado

How Many Are Joining?

With a venue capacity of 5,000 at the Colorado Convention Center and nearly 30,000 attendees over both days, Decadence promises a festive sea of dancing souls.

decadance colorado

What to Wear

Decadence is a visual feast where fashion takes center stage. From bold prints to sparkly cowboy hats, and funky footwear the attire is as diverse as the music. Think bright colors, fun patterns, and LED accessories – the more sparkle, the better!

decadance colorado

Weather Preparations

While your NYE outfit may be fantastic, don't forget to layer up. With temperatures predicted in the low 20s, expect snow and ice. Consider a faux fur coat from Furrocious Furr to stay warm and stylish.

decadance colorado

5 Essential Tips for an Unforgettable Decadence

1. Get Acquainted with the Lineup

Dive into the beats before the event with the Decadence playlist on SoundCloud. Know your artists and get ready to dance the night away.

2. Grab Tickets for Pre/After-Parties

Extend the celebration with official pre/after-parties featuring top artists like NGHTMRE and Habstrakt. Secure your tickets early for an extended weekend of musical bliss.

decadance colorado

3. Embrace the Cold

Prepare for the chilly weather by dressing warmly. Coat check is available, so don't let the cold hinder your dazzling NYE costume.

 led fur coats

LED Collection

4. Elevate Your Look with Faux Fur

Complete your NYE outfit with a faux fur coat, vest, or hood from Furrocious Furr. Choose from a range of styles and materials that match your style.  Made of the softest materials, cozy lining and designed with 5 pockets and back pack straps you can't beat the level of high quality a Furrocious Furr product has. Explore the Furrocious Furr LED collection to take your look to the next level.


5. Explore the Silent Disco

Amidst the stage-hopping frenzy, take a break at the silent disco. Dance in silence, surrounded by the beats of top performers. It's a unique experience worth exploring.

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Furrocious Faux Fur Coats, vests, and more

Gear up, Decadence Citizens, for a New Year's Eve extravaganza that promises dazzling lights, pulsating beats, and memories to last a lifetime. Let the countdown to Decadence Colorado begin! 🎉🔊

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