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luxury faux fur coats 

Women's Short Purple Wolf Playa Coat, Men's Green Wolf Playa Coat, Women's Sequin Purple Peacock Coat

What is the best type of faux fur coat?

luxury faux fur coat

Women's Tiger Queen Coat, Women's Abstract Tiger Desert Warrior Coat

Exploring the Best Types of Faux Fur Coats/ Jackets/ Vests: Expert Insights from Furrocious Furr

When it comes to faux fur coats, finding the perfect faux fur coat or jacket can be overwhelming.  Lets dive into the captivating world of faux fur coats. 

As the leading authority in luxury faux fur coats, we are here to provide you with expert insights on finding the perfect coat that suits your needs. In this blog, we will explore the nuances of selecting the best faux fur coat, discussing factors such as weather conditions, warmth levels, style options, and even LED compatibility.

luxury faux fur chinchilla coats

Women's Truffle Chinchilla Coat, Men's Truffle Playa Coat

Prepare to discover our luxurious Tissavel French Chinchilla faux fur for extreme cold weather, lighter fur alternatives for warmer climates, fur-trimmed coats and vests that exude excitement, and the impact of coat length and hoods on warmth.

Additionally, we'll touch upon questions regarding affordability, fur quality, and the exciting world of custom orders. Let's embark on this faux fur journey together and unveil the secrets behind choosing the ideal coat for your style and comfort.

FAUX FUR chinchilla COATS

 Tissavel Chinchila Coats

Finding Warmth and Luxury:

For extreme cold weather, our Tissavel French Chinchilla faux fur coats reign supreme. This opulent faux fur closely mimics the texture and warmth of real chinchilla fur, offering unparalleled luxury. However, if you prefer the look of shorter pile chinchilla furs, you'll be pleased to know that they are still incredibly warm and sumptuous, though slightly less insulating than their longer-furred counterparts.

Lighter Options for Warmer Weather:

When it comes to warmer weather, we have a variety of lighter faux fur options. Our novelty fabric coats and vests are designed to be lightweight, making them perfect for milder temperatures. These pieces feature printed cuddle fur fabrics that are exceptionally soft and cuddly but thinner compared to other furs. Look out for our Women's Petite Playa Coats, Men's Wizard Coats, and Mens's Long and Short Cozy Coats. 

If you seek a multicolor fur that is lighter weight, our Acid fur collection offers exciting choices like Dark Acid, Poly Green Acid, Poly Pink Acid, and Rust Teal Acid found in Playa Coats, Desert Warrior Coats, and Dutch and Duchess Coats.


Fur Trimmed Coats and Vests:

Our sequin faux fur-trimmed coats and vests, such as the Men's Sequin King Coat and Women's Sequin Temptress Coat, provide warmth with their cozy cuddle minky lining. While these options are less warm than a full faux fur coat, they offer a touch of sparkle, glamour and style and they are better options for warmer weather.


Women's Pink Acid Desert Warrior Coat

Considerations for Warmth: Length and Hood Presence:

The length and hood presence of a faux fur coat significantly impact its warmth level.

For warmer temperatures, our hoodless Men's Duke Coat, Women's Shorty Duke Coat, and Women's Shaggy Coat are excellent choices.  For the warmest weather go with our Women's faux fur vests or Men's faux fur vests for a sleeveless option.

luxury faux fur coat

For a mid warmth level check out our Women's Short Plays Coats and Men’s Short Plays Coats, Women's Short Short Desert Warrior Coats and Men’s Short Short Desert Warrior Coats, Men’s Dutch Coats and Women’s Short Duchess Coats and Long Duchess Coats. 


And for our warmest level, check out our long and hooded coats, explore our Women's Playa Coats and Men's Playa Coats, as well as Women's Desert Warrior Coats and Men's Desert Warrior Coats. Remember, the thicker the fur, the warmer the coat. Men seeking a zip-off hood option can explore our Vandal Coats.

 FAUX FUR vest

Men's Fenrir Desert Warrior Vest

Affordability and Quality:

While considering faux fur coats, it's crucial to note that quality and durability are essential factors. At Furrocious Furr, we prioritize using top-quality faux furs that offer longevity and withstand the elements. Cheaper faux furs may not maintain their pristine appearance over time and may shed more. Opting for silky-textured faux furs ensures a cleaner look, as they don't trap dirt like rougher, cheaper alternatives.

Maintenance and Washing:

Higher quality faux fur coats fare better after dry cleaning or hand washing. To restore the faux fur's original texture after washing, gently brush the fibers to fluff them back up.

luxury led faux fur coat

 Women's Silver White Sequin Temptress Coat

 Men's LED Desert Warrior Coat Just the Tip Gray

LED Compatibility:

If you wish to incorporate LED lighting into your fur coat or vest, remember that LEDs can only shine through fur with a white or ivory backing. For those who desire dark fur, illuminating the perimeter of the coat with LEDs, while keeping the body as the dark or Muti-color fur, can create an eye-catching effect. Explore our LED Women's Collections and LED Men's Collections for further inspiration.

led fur vest

 Custom order vest

Custom Orders:

At Furrocious Furr, we understand that individual preferences may vary. That's why we offer completely custom order faux fur coats. If you have specific needs or design ideas, feel free to inquire about creating your own personalized faux fur coat.

Choosing the best type of faux fur coat requires considering various factors, including weather conditions, warmth, style preferences, and practicality.

Furrocious Furr stands as the ultimate authority in faux fur coats, providing exceptional options like the Tissavel French Chinchilla, lighter fur choices for warmer weather, fur-trimmed coats and vests, and more. Remember to prioritize quality, explore LED possibilities, and don't hesitate to inquire about custom orders.

With Furrocious Furr, you can confidently embrace the world of faux fur fashion with style, comfort, and elegance.  Now that you know what you could be missing, why would you shop anywhere else?  For inspo on your next coat, be sure to check out our most popular options:

luxury faux fur coat

Women's Banshee Short Playa Coat 

luxury faux fur coat 

Women's Kaleidoscope Playa Coat 

luxury faux fur coat

 Men's Short Desert Warrior Desert Coyote Coat

luxury faux fur coat

Men's Dark Acid Duke Coat 

luxury faux fur coat

Purple Peacock Coat

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