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What should I look for in a faux fur coat or jacket?

Key Features to Consider for Your Perfect Faux Fur Coat or Jacket

Step into the world of Furrocious Furr's where we unravel the intricate details of selecting the ideal faux fur coat or jacket. As the leading authority in luxury faux fur fashion, we are dedicated to providing expert guidance on this essential fashion choice. Immersing into the realm of luxury faux fur, we explore the key features that make a coat truly exceptional.

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From practical considerations like pockets and lining to the meticulous attention given to closures, we leave no aspect unexamined.Prepare to discover our signature back pack straps, a testament to our commitment to practicality, and witness the brilliance of our innovative LED coats. Join us on this captivating journey, where style, comfort, and functionality seamlessly converge in the realm of faux fur fashion.

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Men's Playa Coat in Gray Wolf


When it comes to convenience, pockets are a must-have feature in a faux fur coat or jacket. At Furrocious Furr, we understand this need, which is why all our coats are equipped with five pockets. Two exterior pockets keep your hands warm, while two deep inside zipper pockets offer ample space to store your essentials, eliminating the need for a purse or a back pack. We even provide a secret hidden pocket for small items like your ID, credit card, or lip gloss. With our thoughtfully designed pockets, you can stay organized and carry everything you need with ease.




The lining of a faux fur coat plays a vital role in its overall comfort. While a coat may appear cozy on the outside, a cheap-quality lining can compromise the experience. At Furrocious Furr, we prioritize your comfort by using minky cuddle lining, providing a sensation akin to a warm hug. For our thinner novelty fabrics and printed cuddle coats, we incorporate a warmer and thicker cuddle fur called "Seal." By carefully selecting high-quality linings, we ensure that our coats feel as luxurious on the inside as they look on the outside.

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Women's Electric Zebra Desert Warrior Coat

Quality Closures:

When assessing a fur coat, pay attention to the quality and security of the closures, such as zippers, buttons, and hook & eyes. These elements contribute to the durability and longevity of your coat. At Furrocious Furr, we take pride in using top-notch closures that are both reliable and skillfully sewn on. With our attention to detail, you can rest assured that your coat will withstand the test of time.


luxury faux fur coat

Women's Pegasus Chinchilla Short Desert Warrior Coat

Signature Back Pack Straps:

Experience the ultimate convenience with Furrocious Furr's signature back pack straps, a game-changer for festivals and beyond. When you find yourself feeling too hot, you don't have to carry or risk losing your coat. Simply use the backpack straps to comfortably secure your coat and enjoy the freedom of movement. This feature is not only practical but also a life hack, especially when traveling through airports or the grocery store in the winter months. Embrace the convenience of effortlessly backpacking your coat wherever you go.

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Women's Sequin Temptress Coat, Women's LED Desert Warrior Coat


LED sequin vest

LED Coats/ Vests:

For those seeking an extraordinary touch, LED faux fur coats provide a dazzling statement and light up your night and we’ve created an entire LED faux fur collection for women, as well as an LED collection  men.  However, be wary of cheap imitations. At Furrocious Furr, we have developed our own unique, durable LEDs that stand the test of time. Our LED coats are designed to be long-lasting, dry cleanable, and feature 200 light-changing patterns controlled via a smartphone app. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and misplaced remotes – our LED coats combine style, durability, and functionality in one extraordinary package.

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Women's LED Princess Python Coat, Men's LED C3 2.0 Coat

Choosing the perfect faux fur coat or jacket involves considering various factors.  At Furrocious Furr, we excel in delivering exceptional pieces with features that elevate your fashion experience.  From the convenience of multiple pockets to the unparalleled comfort provided by our minky cuddle lining, we prioritize your needs without compromising on style. Our attention to detail extends to the quality closures, ensuring your coat withstands the test of time. Moreover, our signature backpack straps and innovative LED coats elevate the faux fur experience to new heights.

luxury faux fur coats

Men's Pegasus Chinchilla Desert Warrior Coat, Women's Fairy Sequin Temptress Coat

Now that you know what to look for in a high-quality faux fur coat, make sure to keep Furrocious Furr at the top of your list. Our coats offer the best fabrics, designs, and features of anyone in the industry. View some of our most popular coats here:


mens luxury faux fur coat

Men's Fenrir Desert Warrior Coat

luxury faux fur coat
womens luxury faux fur coat
mens luxury faux fur coat
womens luxury faux fur coat
mens luxury faux fur coat

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