What to wear on your winter trip to Zermatt, Switzerland

What to wear on your winter trip to Zermatt, Switzerland

What to Pack & Wear on a Winter Trip to Zermatt, Switzerland | Furrocious Furr 

Kermit resort

Zermatt Ski Resort is the highest ski resort in Europe that envelops two countries, encompassing Switzerland’s iconic Matterhorn mountain peak, has 99% guaranteed snow, and is open 365 days a year.

With its location on the border between Switzerland and Italy you can literally start your ski day in Switzerland and ski or board right down into Cervinia, Italy for lunch.  Visitors can take a train from just about anywhere in Switzerland to get to Zermatt charming Swiss atmosphere is a completely car-free village.  

ski outfit zermat

Zermatt Ski Resort is often referred to as “The Matterhorn Ski Resort.” The Matterhorn rises up in a pyramidal peak of 4,478 meters over Switzerland and Italy. Making it one of the highest summits in Europe.

Zermatt caters to intermediate and advanced skiers who can take the lifts up to the peaks and enjoy the ski runs on endless slopes set against a spectacular Alpine backdrop. At almost 4000 metres of altitude, Matterhorn Ski Paradise is the highest winter sports area in the Alps and has guaranteed snow conditions.

The ultimate free riding experience can be found at Zermatt on 36 km of marked free ride trails in the areas of Rothorn, Stockhorn and Schwarzsee where you get the full powder experience without the risk of avalanches.

Kermit skiers

For many people, Zermatt is simply the best all-round ski resort in the Alps with its extensive varied slopes, magnificent mountain scenery, fabulous snow, unique and charming village base, not to mention its world-class mountain restaurants, vibrant nightlife and more non-skiing activities than you can shake a pole at, it’s easy to see why.

Activities off the slopes include snowshoe trails, hiking trails, toboggan, cross country ski, ice skating, paragliding, an igloo village and taking a spectacular cable-car ride to the top of the 3840m Klein Matterhorn, with its viewing platform and ice grotto.

Lined by quirky bars, luxury boutiques, adventure sports shops, numerous interesting shops, grocery stores, top notch restaurants, an ice-rink, cinema, Alpine museum and stunning views Zermat's busy main street is the perfect place for an early evening promenade.   Zermatt is the Swiss capital of gourmet cuisine with several Michelin star restaurants and many others among the best in the country.

apres ski fermât

Zermatt has a wide range of après-ski (social activities and entertainment following a day’s skiing) options to suit most tastes, ages and paces!  The village is known for its fun crowds and live bands. It’s considered one of the best party ski resorts in Switzerland.  

ski outfits

With such high altitude comes extremely cold temperatures.  You will want to pack for practicality and a little flair for apre ski.  Although Zermat feels like a glam ski town we advise you to leave the high heels at home and wear warm and comfortable footwear for those cobble stone streets.  Follow our winter fashion guide to be prepared for your trip and guarantee a most pleasurable time.

faux chinchilla coat

Warm Jackets & Coats

When preparing for a winter trip, it is crucial to pack the appropriate jacket or coat to ensure you stay warm in the cold weather. Your outer layer plays a significant role in keeping you comfortable and content, making your journey more enjoyable. By selecting a great jacket or coat, you can layer other clothing items on top to maintain warmth, rendering them negotiable.

In addition to providing warmth, it is essential to choose a jacket or coat that is comfortable and fashionable, which is why Furrocious coats are an excellent choice for any occasion. These coats are not only warm and eco-friendly but also affordable and trendy, designed to fit snugly like a warm embrace. You won't have to compromise on style or comfort with a Furrocious coat. To ensure that you have a fantastic winter vacation, bring a Furrocious coat to keep you cozy, warm, and stylish in the chilly weather.

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ares ski coat

The Apres Jacket

Don't forget to pack stylish apres ski attire for your winter vacation.  The Apres ski scene is off the hook and having a stand out coat will only make the fun times better.  The perfect jacket or coat is just as essential as your ski gear. Consider Furrocious Furr coats for both men and women, available in various designs to match your style and personality.

Furrocious Furr has an extensive range of designs that cater to your preferences. Whether you prefer a short or long coat, hooded or collared style, bright colors or neutrals, or even a coat with light up furs, we have options for you.  Contact us if you don't see your dream coat on our site we can make a custom coat for you.

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ski base layer

Base layer from Alpnrock

Layered Tops & Bottoms

To ensure that you stay comfortable in the unpredictable weather conditions of your winter vacation, it's essential to pack clothing that can be layered. Layering provides the flexibility to adjust your outfit according to your comfort level throughout the day.

It's advisable to pack a range of clothing items like long-sleeved tops, sweaters, cardigans, fleeces, and hoodies that can be layered as per your preference. Additionally, waterproof pants are a must-have to tackle wet or snowy conditions while skiing.

We love sexy fashion savvy thermal layers for women from Free People Movement, Sweat Betty, and Goldbergh.

For men we love Montec's state-of-the-art winter gear combining style and function.

You can't go wrong with Smartwool or Patagonia, or Helly Hansen for men's & Womens quality base layers.

For men's & women's fun, retro style base layers, and ski wear shop OOSC.

For designer men's & women's base layers and ski gears check out Bogner.  https://www.bogner.com

Consider getting a pair of fleece-lined stockings if you intend to wear a winter dress or skirt. Our favorite fleece tights Blostirno Fleece Lined Tights

A versatile option to layer under any outfit are fleece-lined leggings and ski thermals. Among our favorite fleece leggings is Uniqlo HEATTECH Ultra Warm Leggings.

 moon boots

Boots by @moonboots


Don't overlook the importance of packing a pair of practical yet stylish boots when getting ready for your winter vacation. It's crucial to choose boots that offer warmth, comfort, excellent traction, and waterproofing to keep your feet cozy and dry in slushy and snowy conditions.

We recommend the following winter boot brands:

Moon Boots,






Helly Hansen

winter outfit

Outfit by Goldbergh

Accessories (Hats, Gloves, Scarves, etc.)

No winter accessory collection is complete without gloves or mittens that serve the dual purpose of keeping your hands warm and adding a touch of fashion to your outfit. With a range of materials like leather, cashmere, or knitted fabric available, you can effortlessly find a pair that aligns with your style.

Since these accessories can complement any winter outfit, it's important to pack a pair of gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm and chic during your winter vacation.

faux fur hood

Faux Fur Hood in Mystic Wolf

Faux Fur Accessories

At Furrocious Furr we do custom order faux fur infinity scarves and long scarves and matching wrist paws.  Perfect for a chilly winter night or hiding from the snow, faux fur scarves will always be a winter essential.  They can add a fun pop of color or interesting pattern and layer of warmth and coziness to any outfit.  DM us to make your custom order faux fur accessory today.

If you want to feel ultra cozy try our oversized, cowl neck, animal ear Simian Hood which can be worn a s a shawl too.

Shop Apparis for faux fur bucket hats to add a little fun to your look.

 hat and scarf

Hats & Scarves

Pack stylish and high-quality hats and scarves for your winter vacation. Choose materials like wool, cashmere, or fleece that offer warmth and comfort. Coordinate these accessories with your winter wardrobe to stay fashionable and cozy in the cold.

For men's designer beanies, scarves and gloves check out Mr. Porter, Ssense, or Matchesfashion.

For women's stylish winter hats & scarves check out Revolve or Shopbop.

We love designer Pom Pom hats from Kyikyi.

Gloves/ Mittens

For a winter vacation, don't forget to pack gloves or mittens that keep your hands warm and trendy. With various styles and materials available, such as leather, cashmere, or knitted options, find a pair that suits your winter wardrobe while ensuring your hands stay cozy in chilly weather.

The classic Isotoners offers eco friendly warm & functional gloves for men and women.

For womens quality & stylish gloves shop Revolve or Shopbop.

For mens quality & stylish gloves shop Mr. Porter, Ssense, or Matchesfashion.

 wool socks

Socks from Bombas


Having warm socks is crucial for happy feet. Try Bombas, Smart Wool,

Fitssock, or Heat Holders.

ski goggle

Winter vacation things you might forget to pack

Pack these essential items for your winter vacation:

  • Sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun's glare on the snow.
  • Lip balm to avoid dry and chapped lips.
  • Hand and foot warmers for added warmth.
  • Sunglasses and goggles to shield your eyes from harsh weather conditions.
  • Swimsuit and flip flops for post-ski activities like hot tubs.
winter faux fur coats

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