What to Wear to Beyond Wonderland 2023, San Bernardino, CA

What to Wear to Beyond Wonderland 2023, San Bernardino, CA

What to Wear to Beyond Wonderland - Our 2023 Festival Clothing Guide | Furrocious Furr

beyond wonderland

What Should You Wear to  Beyond Wonderland?

Journey back down the rabbit hole for this Alice in Wonderland-themed festival. Insomniac’s springtime electronic dance music (EDM) festival in southern California, the sister festival of Nocturnal Wonderland, features everything from house to trance to dubstep to drum and bass.

From the stages and sound to the pyrotechnics and a large cast of performers, and interactive art Beyond Wonderland is full of excitement, color and life.  Located at the Nos Event Center in San Bernardino happening March 24th and March 25th, 2023 an impressive line up will perform across 5 themed stages including Mad Hatter's Castle and The Looking Glass.  

The lineup includes: Tiesto, Will Clarke, Yusuf, London Bridge, Dreamstate, Joshua, Felix Da Housecat, and many more.

beyond wonderland

Festival Outfits to Consider

beyond wonderland characters

Dress in the theme!

There is nothing more fun than dressing up in costume.  Whether you go all out with a head to toe Alice in Wonderland character costume of wear some bunny ears or a top hat you won't be out of place.  The brighter the more extravagant the better.

beyond wonderland girls

Dress for Dancing 

Look for flowy kimonos, skirts, and comfy pants that will enhance your flow on the dance floor.  Check out some of our favorite hand made festival kimono brands:







pink festival outfit

Outfit by @jackalopeland

festival outfits

Outfits by @jackalopeland 

Dress for Fun

Anything goes, so get creative.  Bright colors, sparkly things, anything vintage, or costume like.  You can raid your Halloween costume collection or your local thrift store to find fun things to wear or add to an outfit.

burner outfits

Outfits by @nancymarcusdesigns

For one of a kind festival fashion clothing check out some of our favorite brands:











beyond wonderland outfits

Daytime Outfits

Tops & Bottoms

Layers are a good thing to consider as temperatures can change throughout the day.  Look for light and breathable pieces that are also fun and creative.  Here is a list of festival fashion must have's:

  • kimonos/ dusters
  • tie dye
  • tutus
  • mesh, sheer
  • bodysuits
  • crop tops
  • bikini tops
  • leggings, harem pants
  • comfy knits
  • onesies, rompers, jumpsuits
  • boho & bohemian vibes
  • fun graphics, scared geometry 
  • anything with fringe, chains, or sparkle.

festival outfits

Outfits by @radiant_robes

Some of our favorite hand made women's festival fashion brands: 










mens rainbow outfit

Outfit by @thatelectrictouch

Some of our favorite hand made men's festival fashion brands:





psychedelic print fashion

Outfits by @jumbieart

Men & Women hand made festival fashion:

Festival party-wear @aumi

Hippie Festival Wear Rave Outfits @warriorwithindesigns

Desert wear nomadic designs @yoshizencouture

Desert wear @glorka, @theomnicollection

Steampunk @firekult

Tie Dye @psytiedye

Psychedelic prints @jumbieart

festival outfit

Rainbow Shaggy Coat

Nighttime Outfits

Dress for Warmth

Layers are key here like hoodies, hoods, vests, kaftans, shawls, scarves.  Fun jackets are essential, especially a cozy faux fur coat.  Other ideas are military style, leather jackets, ponchos, 80's style bombers, etc.  

Don't forget your warm pants, leggings, and wool socks.  Ski thermals are always warm layering pieces you may already have in your closet.

Here are some recommendations:

dolls kill outfits

Outfits by @dollskill

Women's festival clothing:






mens leggings

Leggings by @kapowmeggings

Men's festival clothing: 




The Hooder

Aori Designs


Onesie by @candycatz.wear

Festival Onesies For Women & Men: 

@badinkastyle, @candycatz.wear

male boho outfit

Outfit by @KayoAnimeClothing

Unique comfortable lounge wear, Boho clothing for men & women:



boho fashion

Outfit by @chintamanialchemisty

Festival Outerwear:

Printed cloaks: ConellKate

Ponchos, light weight outerwear: @chintamanialchemistry, @_AJJAYA

Sequin luxury kimonos & jackets: @festivokimonos

sequin eye kimono

Kimono by @festivokimonos


sequin kimono

Kimono by @festivokimonos

colorful fur jackets

Mens Green Acid Playa Coat, Women's Pink Acid Playa Coat

beyond wonderland


Hats, Sunglasses, Holsters, Jewelry

Accessories are not only a fun addition to your outfit but also quite functional and essential to making a more enjoyable time.  A pair of cool sunglasses will really make your outfit.  For hand crafted sunglasses, check out @mywillows, @ayaheye, and @medusacomplex_fashion.  You definitely want a leather holster so you can carry your things and be hands free for dancing.  We like @mysticfables, or Ellko and Uber Gypsy fashion on Etsy.  For vegan leather holsters check out @wildjunedesigns.

festival hat

Hat by @whocares_whynot

For other fun accessories including head pieces, hats, googles try @whocares_whynot, @fancyvandals, @serpentfeathers

Festival fashion headware, hats @missgdesigns, @thatdomepiece, @oohlalaboudoir

Face chains, jewelry:



laser tree pendant

Lazer cut jewelry by @lasertrees

Hand crafted jewelry:

Organic jewelry @thirdeyepinecones

Crystal jewelry @goghaus 

Lazer cut jewelry @lasertrees

Handmade marcrame jewelry @JahdoraGemsShop

Talismanic, earth-inspired jewelry designs Chrysalism

Lazer cut light up pendants:


body jewelry

Body Jewelry by @grace_bijoux

Handmade body jewelry:




feather earrings

Earrings by @noyamagic

Feather earrings & accessories:


Talismanic, earth-inspired jewelry designs Chrysalism

Handmade marcrame jewelry @JahdoraGemsShop

couple outfits

Mens' LED Wizard Coat, Women's Petite Playa Coat

Get the perfect warm & cozy Festival Fashion from Furrocious Furr

At Furrocious Furr we have a vast variety of warm, cozy and super stylish faux fur coats and accessories for men and women.  From short to long, light weight to super warm, hooded or collars, bright colored to natural faux fur, to sequins and novelty fabric we have it all.  If you don't see your dream coat here, we can make it for you.  Contact us about our custom orders

festival furs

Fur Hoods, Scarves etc

Shop our  furry accessories: animal hoods, boot covers, scarves, infinity scarves, & paws.  We can make them in any faux fur you like.

In Stock

For last minute shopper you can always check our in stock items that are ready to ship

led faux fur coats

LED Petite Playa Coats

LED Collection

If you are really wanting to stand out from the crowd be sure to check out our exclusive LED Collection.  We guarantee hours of fun with 200 Light changing patterns controlled with a blur tooth app on your phone.

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Yes, Beyond Wonderland has a camping area. They offer car camping, glamping, RV passes, and pre-prepped camping bundles.

Yes, the Beyond Wonderland is held outside at the NOS Events Center. 689 S. E St San Bernardino, CA.

Approximately 40,000 people attended the previous Beyond Wonderland.

Beyond Wonderland has been happening for 23 years. It began in 1999 when Insomniac Events wanted to create something that was beyond anything else happening internationally at that time.

Beyond Wonderland is a magical 2 day experience filled with 5 theme stages of electronic dance music, whimsical attractions, and talented performers all around. You won't be disappointed in Insomniac's high quality production of this event.

Beyond Wonderland is an elcrtronic dance festival that offers camping on the festival grounds.

Many festival goers dress in the Alice in wonderland theme from a pair of bunny ears to a head to toe costume. All festival clothing is accepted and don't forget comfortable shoes and a faux fur jacket when the sun goes down.

They are more than good. Faux fur coats are a great wayl to staying warm at Beyond Wonderland. Night temperatures can drop into the 30s, 40s and 50s at night. Having something warm, soft and cozy like a luxury faux fur coat is really the most important item you should have in your festival wardrobe. If you do not have a warm faux fur coat to wear when the temperature drops, I guanrantee you will be cold and miserable.

Furrocious Furr makes the best faux fur coats for Beyond Wonderland. Furrocious faux fur coats are not only styish and fashionable but completey fuctional for all your festival needs. They have a wide variety of styles for men and women to choose from. Furrocious Furr coats are extremly comfortable and cozy. Each coat is made of the softest faux fur and most high quality materials, super cozy lining, has multiple pockets, and backpack straps so when its too hot you can wear you coat like a cape and never have to put it on the ground. Save your self the trouble of illumniating yourself with blinky string lights and get a LED Furrocious Furr Coat. You are immedaitley lite up with the push of a button and ready for a safe night in the dark desert.

Furrocious Furr makes the warmest festival coats compared to other brands. In addition to thier wide range of faux fur from thin to thick, to super thick, to various faux chinchilla qulaities, they use a plush minky cuddle lining that adds extra warmth and coziness to each coat. They have the level of warmth each person needs.

Furrocious Furr makes the softest faux fur coats for Beyond Wonderland. They only use the highest quality faux fur which are all extremely soft. The faux chinchilla furs are by far the softest.

You can get a nice faux fur coat made in China for under $100 on Amazon. But there is no guarantee how well it will fit and how long it will last. It also won't have multiple pockets and other design features that a more expensive faux fur coat will have. If you are looking for fast disposible fashion you can buy a cheap nice faux fur coat but it you want a quality faux fur coat that will last and be eco friendly a more expensive coat is the better option in the long run.

A well made faux fur coat is better than a vintage real fur coat for Jem and Jam because it is not only animal free but also more comfortable, durable, and fucntional. With advanced fabric technology high quality faux fur can be as warm as real fur. Today it is doubtful that a vintage real fur coat will fit as well as a faux fur coat made today. A vintage fur coat will not have as many pockets as a new faux fur coat. Many vintage real fur coats have lost durabilty over time and will not hold up as well as a quality faux fur coat.

Yes, a faux fur coat is warm enough for Beyond Wonderland. With temperatures dropping into the 30's, 40's and 50's at night, its essential to have a warm and cozy faux fur coat for outside festivals. Faux fur coats range in thickness and levels of warmth. You should choose a faux fur coat that matches your level of tolerance in cold temprateures.

Faux furs coats CAN get wet, but it not recommended. It's best to keep it dry whenever possible. Rain won't ruin a faux fur coat and will dry hung in a ventialted area. Use a brush to fluff the fur back to life after it dries.

Yes. We recommend dry cleaning your faux fur coat at a reputabe cleaner for best results. You can also hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent or shampoo. Hang to dry. No heat.

Yes, you can wash a coat covered in dust and dirt. You must you a machine gental cylce. Too much agitation will ruin the fur. Air dry. No Heat!

It is recommended that you dry clean your faux fur coat after going to a desert festival to refresh it. You can also hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent combined with vinegar. Hang dry the coat in a ventilated area and fluff with brush.

A faux fur coat is made of synthetic acrylic and polyester fibers.

A faux fur coat is 100% ethical and moop free making it the perfect eco conscience choice to wear at Beyond Wonderland. You may loose a hair or too but its less than the amount you will shed from your head.

Faux fur is made out of synthetic materials in an attempt to mimic the appearance of animal fur but is made only of synthtic man made fibers making it 100% vegan and animal free.

Faux Fur coats are not toxic to wear and cause no allergic reactions.

Faux Fur coats are the not only the fashionable thing to wear at the Jem and Jam Festival but also an essential item to wear to survive cold desert nights. With so many options in faux fur coats today you can express your persoanl style with a fashionable faux fur coat.

The most important thing to look for in a faux fur coat for festivals is quality, durability, fit, and feel. There are a few things to think about when deciding on which faux fur coat to buy for Beyond Wonderland. 1. The Fit. You need to make sure the coat is comfortable, feels cozy, and fits over what you plan to wear under it. 2. The Fur. How thick do you need the fur to be? How cold do you get? 3. The style. Do you want a hood? A collar? or perhaps a zip off hood. 4. The Length. Do you want the coat short? mid thigh? knee lenth? or to the ground?

Fun faux fur was already a part of the rave and club cultures in the 1990's. The fun and colorful Alice in Wonderland theme gave fun and colorful faux fur its place at Beyond Wonderland . Faux Fur coats have become an essential part of most people's festival wardrobe.

So many festival goers wear faux fur coats because most importantly they are warm, cozy, and comfortable. They are also love faux fur coats as a way to express their own unique persoanl style.

The style of the faux fur coat a person needs for Beyond Wonderland depends on that individual's needs and personal taste. For example many guys run hot and don't need the same type of faux fur coat a female who gets cold very easily will need. A faux fur vest is often the best solution for men that run hot. There are also different thicknesses/ warmth levels of faux fur to consider as well as different lengths of faux fur coats ranging, from waist lenth to floor length.

Quality faux fur coats are made to be worn and with stand any harsh environment like the forest. Dry cleaning your coat at a reputable cleaner after wearing it at a weekend festival will result in your coat looking like new again. Standard dirt and dust will completly dissolve in the dry cleaning process. Cheap poor quality faux fur coats will just not look as good after a week in the Desert.

High quality faux fur coats are not moopy. Less faux furs will fall off than hairs on your head. A cheap poor quality faux fur coat may moop.

Furrocious Furr makes the best LED/light-up faux fur coats. They are by far the most durable, high quality LED faux fur coats in the market. The Furrocious Furr LED collection has the widest variety of styles and colors of LED faux fur coats for both men and women.