One of a Kind Custom Faux Furs

One of a Kind Custom Faux Furs


      We have collected some rare one of a kind, super soft and luxurious faux furs throughout the years.  We only have a few yards of each to make 1 or 2 coats in each unique faux fur.  

      Unique faux furs

      Check out some of the fun new multicolor furs that are available in the market.  We have not used most of them but would love to make you a custom fur if you fall in love.

      Click on the Faux Fur Swatch Images below to see a video of the unique fur.  Please send us a message if you would like to make a custom coat in one of these one of a kind faux furs.

      Looking for something different?

      DM us and we can source what you are looking for and send you pictures of avaialble options.